Lobo Social Packs

UNM understands Covid-19 restrictions have made connecting with other students and finding involvement opportunities more difficult this year. To assist students in finding social and engagement outlets, the Student Activities Center is creating Lobo Social Packs of students for facilitated activities on or near campus. These packs will include a total of 4 students and 1 involved student leader. Gatherings will be a mix of in-person and virtual activities and include things like eating at La Posada together, attending campus events (Drag Bingo, crafting events, movie watch parties,...), game nights, walking field trips (to Rude Boy Cookies, Freddy's,...), and more!  All in-person activities will require students to wear a mask at all times and comply with State of New Mexico Covid safe guidelines.

Get involved and join a Lobo Social Pack!  To do so, please complete the form below:

If you are an involved student at UNM and would like to lead a Lobo Social Pack, please email sac@unm.edu.