Flag Raising Protocol

The flags flown on a regular basis at Scholes Hall are the flags of the United States of America, the State of New Mexico, and the University of New Mexico. UNM student groups and UNM programs may request permission for a guest flag to be flown at Scholes Hall. The following guidelines apply to such requests: 

• A guest flag will be approved for only one day at a time.
• In most cases, a specific flag will be approved no more than once per calendar year.
• No more than one guest flag will be flown per day.
• Guest flags will replace the UNM flag only, not the US or NM flags
• Guest flags must be officially recognized ( e.g., the official flag of a nation, state, service branch, or institution).
• The President's decision regarding a guest flag request is final. A request may be denied at the President's discretion even if the request conforms to these guidelines.

Procedure to request that a guest flag be flown at Scholes Hall:

1) A space reservation is submitted to the UNM Student Activities Center at least 1 month in advance of the requested date. The reservation must be accompanied by a letter or email message that includes a photograph of the actual flag requested to be flown, including its dimensions and a link to the documentation of the flag's official status.
2) Student Activities forwards the request to the President's Chief of Staff, copying
3) Approval or denial by the President is sent to the AVP of Student Services and the Student Activities Center.
4) Approval or denial is communicated to the requester by the Student Activities Center.
5) Approval or denial is communicated to UNM ROTC Programs by the AVP of Student Services
The following parties are responsible for raising and lowering the flags at Scholes Hall:
• During Fall and Spring semesters: UNM's ROTC programs
• During all breaks and the Summer semester: UNM's Physical Plant Department
• ROTC Commanders determine if flags will be flown during inclement weather and/or times of extreme conflict to ensure the safety of cadets/midshipmen.