Get Involved

So What's In It For You?

1. Create Community for You and UNM

For many of you, this is the first time you have been away from your family or high school set of friends and UNM can be a big place. There is no better way than getting involved in Student Organizations and campus programs in order to make this community of 30,000 people seem much smaller and even familiar. Have fun and add your special and unique personality to our campus culture! Make UNM the place you want it to be and leave an impact when you leave. We want this to be YOU-NM!

2. Get Connected to Campus Resources

UNM is full of resources to help you succeed but it is your responsibility to take advantage of them! Getting involved on campus connects you with students and advisors who have a knowledge base of programs here to give you the extra help you may need. More than likely they've been in your same situation and they have connections with tutors, academic counselors, financial consultants, professional counselors and much more. Not to mention, many of the students in the student organizations you get involved with are probably in your same classes or have taken them before. Ask to study with them or get advice on which professors your should be looking to take.

3. Discover and Practice your Passions

What better place can you find than student organizations to explore your interests? Don't be afraid to try something new! If you don't like it, move on and discover a new passion! Perhaps you are looking to explore a new area of study or career field; joining a student organization along those lines is a great way to learn about it before becoming committed. Student organizations also have many different community service options, different sports and activities, religions and belief centers and so much more. Once you find where you passions are, find other student organizations with similar directions to enhance your UNM experience. Can't find a group with a purpose that defines where your interests lie - it is very easy to start your own student organization and more than likely there are lots of other students here with the same passions. Once you take the first step of involvement, it inevitably leads to more open doors and bigger opportunities.

4. Build Your Resume and Learn Important Skills

Let's face it, you're here to get a degree that will prepare you to land that job that will allow you to provide for yourself and your family. What is going to make you more attractive as an applicant for that job with the perfect employer? A good G.P.A. gets you only so far, especially when others applying for the same job have a similar or better G.P.A. Student organizations allow you to enhance your experience in those fields. They also are perfect environments to develop leadership skills, practice communication skills, learn time management, gain budget experience, supervise other students and much more. Imagine the resume of a student organization president who oversees a student organization of 120 students or the treasurer who manages a student organization budget of $20,000. That is the real world out-of-the-classroom experience you can gain by getting involved in UNM's student organizations.

5. Get Better Grades and Graduate Sooner

Research suggests students who are involved in student organizations and campus activities have a better G.P.A., graduate sooner and have a better college experience. Enough said!

6. Have Fun!

You'll always have the opportunity to return to school in order to finish or advance your education later in life, but you'll never have the opportunity to have the traditional college experience. Have fun and explore all the different activities and programs offered on campus. UNM is unlike many other large schools. You can be a big fish in our big pond. It is extremely easy to get involved and have a lasting impact on our campus.

How do you GET INVOLVED?