Events & Planning Home

The Student Activities Center is the spot for finding events and ways to get involved that will compliment the academic experience for UNM Students. The office supports student organizations in designing and implementing their own events. With resources for planning, references to University policies, and many years of event planning, the Student Activities Center is a guide for Student Organizations to make full use of campus opportunities and comply with policies.

The Student Activities Center staff coordinates reservations for outdoor space and serves on the UNM Special Events Committee. Be sure to check out the “Event Planning Guide” to learn more information on common policies, procedures, and resources. Whether the goal is to entertain, inform, showcase, or engage community, we are committed to ensuring that your event is safe and successful. 

Note: as of November 2020 all events must be approved by the University in advance. Please fill out the UNM Event Request Form at least two weeks in advance. Events held without prior approval will be terminated and users will not be compensated for costs incurred for unapproved events.