Campus Posting Guidelines

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General Guidelines

The University of New Mexico prohibits placing posters, flyers, chalk, art, or other items at any time on permanent University structures such as buildings, utility poles, fountains, works of art, refuse containers, and trees on campus. University policy also prohibits staking displays, tents, signs, or any other items into the ground. Posting with glue or adhesives is prohibited. Displays painted or posted improperly will be removed promptly by maintenance crews. The persons or organizations responsible for the posting may be billed for removal and repair. For questions about posting on campus, please contact the Student Activities Center at (505)277-4706 or

Posters, notices, and flyers

  • Posting inside of campus buildings may be done with the prior approval of the building’s manager
  • Postings inside of buildings must comply with all University policies and building manager approval does not supersede University policies
  • Posters, notices, and flyers may be placed on outdoor kiosks
  • Posted items will be removed on a monthly basis
  • Items may not be affixed to light poles, bollards, trees, refuse containers, buildings, or similar structures
  • Posting with glue or other adhesives is prohibited


Please note, chalk markings will be removed if they do not follow these guidelines. Not sure if something is allowed? Email to ask! Your group may be billed for cleanup costs if chalking does not follow guidelines. 


  • Not permitted on permanent University structures or unexposed sidewalks, vertical walls, or under balconies/overhangs
  • Not permitted within 15 feet of building entrances
  • Permitted on sidewalks which are exposed to weather and foot traffic
  • Washable sidewalk chalk is the only type allowed for use
  • Liquid chalk, spray chalk, art chalk, charcoal, and paint are not permitted
  • Chalking prohibited within fifteen feet of the entrance to any building
  • Lobo Village does not permit chalking anywhere on the premises

Art projects and displays

All art projects must be approved prior to installation. Any projects erected without permission from the Student Activities Center and relevant campus partners will be removed and the artist may be billed for costs associated with removal. To obtain approval for an art project or display, fill out an Art Display Form at least three weeks prior to the installation date. Artists must abide by the following guidelines:

  • Art projects may not be installed for longer than three days
  • Artist must remove all materials immediately after the installation ends
  • Displays may not alter traffic patterns or block access to buildings, ramps, roads, ADA pathways, or disrupt regular University functions
  • Displays may not be installed on permanent University structures such as buildings, utility poles, fountains, works of art, refuse containers, and trees on campus
  • Outdoor displays may only be set up in areas that have been reserved in advance through the Outdoor Space Reservation website
  • Indoor displays must be approved by the respective building's manager; building manager approval may not supersede University policies